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Proof of concept

The sustainable future of food we trust

#D7 Food Ecosystem

#D7 Food Ecosystem

Tech start-up Origin Chain Networks and independent artisan food stores in D7 have joined forces to create a proof-of-concept traceability platform called #D7FoodEcosystem - a convenient search and discovery platform for local food. 


Each partner nominates their finest locally-sourced produce across six food categories: Bakery, Fruit & veg, Prepared Food, Dairy, Meat and Seafood.


You can discover the best local food with low last-mile carbon footprint and calculate #ShortSupplyChain Carbon Savings here on the #D7FE website.

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Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Agriculture is the largest contributor to Ireland’s Greenhouse gas emissions 33.1%, of these, approx 80% are non-tradeable GHG emissions. The Irish government is facing fines from the EU for non-compliance.


The target is a 20% reduction on 2005 emissions levels by 2020. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) suggests that less than 1% of that target will be achieved. In fact, agriculture emissions are predicted to increase by 3 - 4% by 2020.

We need to track and monitor emissions. The tricky thing is that we don’t have an effective monitoring process in place yet.

Source: Environmental Protection Agency

Carbon Footprint Calculations

Growing your own and buying local will reduce your carbon footprint - particularly in the last-mile. Buying spuds from the Naul has a lighter carbon footprint than those from Egypt or France.

Being careful not to over-purchase, or let food perish also helps shrink your carbon foodprint.

A carbon footprint is calculated by averaging the emissions produced in a kilo of each food group (kg CO2e/kg) and dividing by its average energy content (kCal/g). This gives an emissions factor per Calorie (g CO2e/kCal).

The average emissions must include whole product-lifecycle and includes an average food waste estimate.

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